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This English-taught Master's programme provides the analytical tools and skills for new business development in established and new organizations. Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) In Dutch. In deze vierjarige master word je als student met een biomedische of lifescience bachelor opgeleid tot arts én klinisch onderzoeker. In this Research Master programme you will learn to critically analyse how gender intersects with other social and historical categories such as race, class, age, religion and sexuality. This site uses cookies. Join NTU LIVE at 5pm today - ask your questions now! Thinkers and doers in education. De master Geneeskunde bereidt je verder voor op het uitoefenen van het beroep arts.De master is alleen toegankelijk voor studenten die hun bachelor Geneeskunde gevolgd hebben aan de Universiteit Utrecht. The Biology of Disease programme is an interdisciplinary programme that positions you at the cutting edge of basic and clinical science, in particular in the cardiovascular research field. Via dit Engelstalig programma Youth, Education and Society (Maatschappelijke opvoedingsvraagstukken) verwerf je inzicht in westerse en niet-westerse opvoedingsproblematiek. Our landmark University College Hospital Grafton Way Building providing blood disorders, cancer and surgical services is opening soon. Het programma leidt op tot basisapotheker. Dealing with important questions in today’s Europe. Business and Social Impact - MSc. Om nieuwe wetenschappelijke kennis ontwikkelen en vertalen naar de zorgpraktijk? International Development Studies focuses on current development issues and teaches conceptual, theoretical, and empirical knowledge of trends and topics on the development agenda. Profiles: Education, Complex systems, Applied Data Science. De master is alleen toegankelijk voor studenten die hun bachelor diergeneeskunde afgerond hebben aan de Universiteit Utrecht. The Master's programme Public International Law prepares you to reflect critically on legal, human and sustainable dilemmas in a globalized and interdependent world. In this way, the programme offers you the best of both worlds. Water Science and Management is the study of modern water management techniques and water policies from a sustainable development perspective. The Master in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MCLS) is research oriented and takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of molecules, cells, and organisms. Degree: Social & Health Psychology (research) (60380) Duration: 2 years. De master Strafrecht leert je op een wetenschappelijk verantwoorde manier antwoorden te vinden op maatschappelijk relevante, strafrechtelijke vraagstukken. Je wordt opgeleid voor het beroep van dierenarts. Utrecht University has been the best ranking Dutch university since the first ARWU ranking published in 2003. In this Master’s programme you will learn the advanced concepts, software design methods, problem-solving techniques, and analytic skills necessary to create information-driven systems. Online open day More information. Our students appreciate the many options available within our 154 Master's programmes. The very fact that we have and use languages is part of what makes us human. Advanced research training in hotly debated societal issues. The Sustainable Business and Innovation programme is closely affiliated with the Innovation Studies, Environmental Governance, and Energy and Resources research group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. Download a personalized brochure. For teaching, educational design, and educational research in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics. The Research Master’s programme in Religious Studies offers research-based training in the multidisciplinary study of religion as a dynamic historical and cultural phenomenon. Gaat de zorg je aan het hart en wil je bijdragen aan blijvende verbetering? Degree: Legal Research (research) (60744). Tracks: Plant Biology, Fungal Biology, Ecology & Natural Resources Management, Behavioural Ecology. Ook voor gedragsbeïnvloeding van externe doelgroepen, samenwerking en kennismanagement wordt communicatie ingezet. Visit the Open day on March 13. Utrecht University. influenced by society, family, school, peers). Tracks: Experimental pharmacology, Drug regulatory sciences. Degree: History and Philosophy of Science (60711), Foundations, practices, and culture of the sciences and humanities from a historical and philosophical perspective. Marine Sciences studies how marine systems and processes operate naturally and how they change through human intervention. In this one-year, English-taught Master’s programme in Economics, you will analyse and evaluate government policy and management. This specialised and intensive Research Master's programme immerses you in traditional and innovative approaches to the history of art. Het Engelstalige programma Educational Sciences (Onderwijswetenschappen) geeft je kennis om leeromgevingen, het onderwijs en bedrijfsopleidingen te verbeteren. Leer hoe je je passie voor kunst kunt overbrengen. In this programme, you will learn how to analyse the processes associated with change and will consider the short- and long-term management of these processes on local and global levels. Joining Utrecht University as a master's student will make you part of an innovative and internationally oriented academic community - that brought forward no less than 12 Nobel Prize winners - engaged in cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary teaching and research. Master’s Programme at Utrecht University is a 1- or 2-year programme leading to a Science degree (MSc), Arts degree (MA) or Laws degree (LLM). University of Utrecht Masters Applicants 2016 Watch. Zet jij de fysiotherapie in beweging? Twitter. Parnassos Spring courses 2021. Read … This programme will teach you how theories from the field of social, health and organisational psychology can contribute to the management of complex problems within these specific psychological areas. Discipline. University of Essex School of Health and Social Care. MA Social Work. Degree: Literary Studies (Research) (60814). Epidemiology at Utrecht University is uniquely placed to offer you the broad context of epidemiology across human pharmaceutical and veterinarian branches. 2013 – 2014. On top of a Master's programme you can take part in the Young Innovators Programme: a selective 15 ECTS honours course at graduate level. During this two-year research Master you will develop expertise in an economics research area of your interest and supplement this with knowledge from another field of research preparing you for a career as a researcher inside or outside academia. In the Master's programme History of Politics and Society you will learn how to use historical insights into the functioning of democracy, citizenship and the market to solve current-day problems. University College Utrecht students are from all over the world and many of them will leave the country at different times. Degree: Human Geography and Planning (research) (60166). All Study Types. This Master's programme will guide you through the mysteries of embryonic growth, stem cells, signalling, gene regulation, evolution and development as they relate to health and disease. Degree: Communicatie en educatie van de natuurwetenschappen (60708). This programme prepares students for a job in drug innovation, at research institutes, the pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry, or in policymaking in science and health care. Go to first unread Skip to page: EmilylucyBudd Badges: 2. Dit masterprogramma biedt je zicht op de rol van communicatie bij strategievorming, beleidsbepaling en leidinggeven in een organisatie. Why study a law Master's programme at Utrecht University? This two-year Master’s programme is aimed at students who want to contribute to the design of the solutions needed to achieve an environmentally and socially accountable society. European Criminal Justice in a Global Context, Legal Research: Dynamics of Law in European and International Context. Master's programs Tilburg University. The Master of International Relations in Historical Perspective bridges the historical and political science approaches of international relations. Your CV is the first piece of information that the University you’re applying to is receiving, so you need to make sure that you leave a good first impression. All about the Master's Programmes and studying in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Europe. Coronavirus Read more. You will have access to a wide range of high-quality facilities such as Wi-Fi, cross-campus library access, and online access to academic books, journals, and databases. The Research Master's programme in Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies concerns the interdisciplinary study of Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

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  • Learn about the psychology of children and adolescents. Our 154 master’s programmes form a cross-section off the full scientific spectrum. A Master’s programme at Utrecht University is a 1- or 2-year programme leading to a Science degree (MSc), Arts degree (MA) or Laws degree (LLM). Presentation of the programme . You will acquire and develop fundamental knowledge of and skills in evidence-based psychotherapies and become familiar with prevailing researc… Profiles: Educational profile, Complex Systems profile, Applied Data Science profile. Met dit Engelstalig programma Clinical Child, Family, Education and Society (Orthopedagogiek) doorbreek, voorkom of verbeter je problematische opvoedingssituaties. Degree: Afhankelijk van schoolvak (68533 / 68534 / 68535). The Master's programme Spatial Planning trains you to solve conflicting interests on urban land. In the Master’s programme in Literature Today, you will learn how literature works in the modern globalised, digitalised, and commercialised world. Tracks: PHD, Analyst, Entrepeneur. This interdisciplinary programme (Maatschappelijke opvoedingsvraagstukken) in Pedagogy teaches you to connect issues of youth and education to contemporary, (inter)national social issues. Pre-masters. De competenties die een apotheker nodig heeft staan centraal. The lecturers from this Master’s programme work in clinical practice and/or do state-of-the-art theoretical or applied research at Utrecht University. In the Research Master's programme Comparative Literary Studies, you study the role of literature in modern societies and its continuing role in the changing media landscapes of the modern world. We need well-trained and creative minds to help us solve public health problems. The Master's programme Global Criminology offers a critical and comparative perspective on criminology and the growing demand for experts in global crime, penology and security. Degree: Theologie & Religiewetenschappen (60824). Filter Results . In this Master in Gender Studies, you'll learn to develop and implement sustainable perspectives in emancipation policies, diversity management, cultural initiatives and political activism. You will be thoroughly trained to analyse and advise on contemporary social issues. Je kunt kiezen voor een patiëntgericht- of een geneesmiddelprofiel met bijbehorende cursussen. In this one-year Master's programme, you will learn to to deal with economic, managerial, regulatory, and reporting issues to maximise enterprise value. A Master of Epidemiology at Utrecht University. Vanaf september 2017 gaat Economische geografie verder als specialisatie binnen het nieuwe masterprogramma Human Geography. Degree: Social & Health Psychology (research) (60380), Investigate the social and health-related aspects of behavioural regulation, Degree: Interdisciplinary Social Science (60746). The funds for the scholarships come from the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Fund, established by Utrecht University and from contributions by Utrecht University alumni. We have 101 Utrecht University Masters Degrees. In dit masterprogramma kijken we naar het managen van arbeid en personeel, niet alleen gericht op het belang van de organisatie (goede prestaties) maar ook van de medewerkers (bijvoorbeeld tevredenheid en motivatie) en de maatschappij. By. Wil je werk en studie combineren? Profiles: Educational profile, Applied Data Science profile. Institution. University students and faculty, institute members, and independent researchers Corporate, government, or NGO researcher Technology or product developers, R&D specialists, and government or … More Details . This Master’s programme focuses on Human Resource Management, in terms of serving both the organisation’s interests (good performance) and those of employees (for example, satisfaction and motivation). City/Region. All Start Terms. De master Privaatrecht biedt een brede basis en de vaardigheden om met de steeds veranderende inhoud van het privaatrecht om te kunnen gaan. Field of interest. Every year, ... Debuut, a Utrecht University programme, pairs primary schoolchildren whose close family did not study at a university with students such as Roshi. Degree: Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science (research) (60391). The Utrecht University Scholarship, Netherlands is available for International students from different parts of the world to pursue different Masters Degree programs. Utrecht University is now accepting applications for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships 2021 in the Netherlands. What do you do during the Christmas holidays? This final Master is not provided by Utrecht School of Economics, but by the Center of Education and Learning of the Utrecht University, in corporation with USE and Utrecht Graduate School of Law. About Debuut. … Degree: Law and Economics, Economics of Competition and Regulation (60742, 60388). Facebook. On top of a Master's Programme, you can take part in the Young Innovators Programme: a selective 15 ECTS honours course at a graduate level. Cultural History of Modern Europe involves the study of Europe’s position in the world from a cultural-historical perspective, with an emphasis on modern history. We have 2 University of Essex Masters Degrees in Social Work. All Course Types. Many different languages are spoken in the world. Breng je passie voor het Spaans en de Spaanstalige cultuur over op je leerlingen. Degree: Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences (research) (60384). Parnassos is the place to be. De brede master Notarieel recht biedt je naast de civiele basis van dit rechtsgebied gedegen kennis van het verbintenissenrecht en goederenrecht. Degree: Pedagogische Wetenschappen (66607). Learn to work in a multidisciplinary way OFA - November 10, 2020. As a student at Utrecht University (UU), you will be studying at one of the world's top universities. Course Type. In this master you are trained to analyse increasing urbanisation, growing environmental threats and uneven economic globalisation. Announcements Struggling to make your uni choices? This challenging two-year Master's programme focuses on key issues of Public Administration and Organisation Theory. Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply. Filter Results . Deze master leert je anticiperen op juridische kwesties rondom slimme technologie waar op dit moment nog geen pasklaar antwoord op is en stelt je in staat om in de praktijk aan de slag te gaan met jouw specialistische kennis van het IE. View programme. Common symptoms: new continuous cough, high temperature (37.8 degrees +) loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
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  • Apply your knowledge of developmental psychology in clinical practice. The Master’s programme in New Media & Digital Culture teaches students to critically assess the meanings and functions of new media and their consequences for daily practices and cultures. With a mix of theory, research approaches, and practical work, the Master's programme in Arts and Society prepares creative thinkers and doers for a professional career on the cutting edge between art and society. Therefore, we offer 158 programmes for professionals. Observe and examine contemporary youth issues by combining different social scientific disciplines in an interdisciplinary way. How can mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and grieving problems best be studied and treated? Degree: Master in Health Sciences (75054). This one-year Master's programme offers an in-depth examination of issues in economic and legal aspects, meeting the growing demand for multidisciplinary experts in the field. Degree: Arts & Culture (Research) (60829). Degree: Neuroscience and Cognition, Biomedical Sciences (60704). This Master’s programme aims to train multidisciplinary scientists and combines fundamental disciplines such as stem cell biology, materials science and biomechanics with more applied disciplines such as cell therapy, implantology and imaging. The Master in Applied Ethics is an interdisciplinary and international programme focused on the interaction between moral practice and ethical theory. Applied Musicology focuses on the musical infrastructure and offers the specific knowledge and skills required for a musicologist to operate successfully within international musical practice. You will develop into an academic professional on your own chosen theme. In the Research Master’s programme Linguistics, you will learn how to conduct research in theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, and language use. Profiles: Educational profile, Complex systems profile, Applied Data Science profile. Degree: Cultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation (research) (60378). Degree: Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen (60087). Explore the relationship between citizenship, cultural diversity, and social sustainability. The MSc Empires, Colonialialism and Globalisation, run jointly with the Government Department, focuses on the phenomenon of imperialism. You will learn to formulate effective policy recommendations to make cities and regions more viable. More Details . Degree: Geneeskunde, klinisch onderzoeker (66583). Utrecht University School of Law offers its students an inspirational and interdisciplinary environment for study and work, ranging from a beautiful and historic city campus to a completely renovated University library in the former palace of King Louis Napoleon and to rich cultural programmes. This interdisciplinary Master’s programme investigates vital questions facing European countries today. Track: Computational Biology. WhatsApp. Use this knowledge to improve education and commercial training. Word eerstegraads leraar in aardrijkskunde, biologie, Duits, economie, Engels, filosofie, Frans, geschiedenis, godsdienst, informatica, kunstgeschiedenis, maatschappijleer, muziek, natuurkunde, Nederlands, scheikunde, Spaans of wiskunde. Sustainable Business and Innovation is the study of sustainable business challenges and technological and non-technological options that can be used to innovate in a sustainable way. By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. Profiles: Educational, Complex systems, Applied Data Science. This English taught master's programme leads to a full secondary school teaching qualification in the Netherlands. The Faculty of Law Economics and Governance offers scholarships to a number of highly talented prospective students to pursue a degree in one of the English taught Master’s programmes of the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance. News. Featured Featured. Degree: Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction (research) (60749). The Research Master's programme in History offers research-based training in political and cultural history, the history of international relations, and social and economic history. The highly regarded Keuzegids Master’s Selection Guide 2015 ranked Utrecht University’s Linguistics programme as the best in the field in the Netherlands. Degree: Bestuurs- en organisatiewetenschap (60446). Exchange Option in the Master Programme Politics and Public Administration. Met het multidisciplinaire masterprogramma Gezondheidswetenschappen voor Zorgprofessionals draag je via wetenschappelijk onderzoek bij aan de innovatie van jouw zorgpraktijk. In dit programma voor professionals leert u uitdagingen van organisaties met een publieke functie te herkennen en te vertalen naar betekenisvolle veranderaanpakken. Clear Filter . Leer je kennis van de Franse taal en cultuur overdragen op anderen. In dit programma voor professionals verkent u, in een geïntegreerd werk-en leertraject, de wisselwerking tussen samenleving en openbaar bestuur en ontdekt u daarin uw eigen rol. Utrecht University Masters Degrees. By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. This programme is aimed at Life Sciences students who want to innovate services, products and production systems and are interested in bio inspired design and science. Bestuur en beleid gaat over de aanpak en organisatie van maatschappelijke issues binnen de publieke sector, in een politieke omgeving en in interactie met burgers, bedrijven en maatschappelijke organisaties. In dit programma voor professionals krijgt u o.a. The Master in Business Informatics combines theory, methods, and techniques from business and organisational science with the tools and practices of information and computing science. Je wordt opgeleid voor het beroep van dierenarts. Based on the internationally recognised Shanghai Ranking, Utrecht is ranked the best research university in the Netherlands. In the Human Geography programme, you will study urban regions and their economic developments from various academic perspectives and thematic angles. Sustainable Development is the study of scientific solutions and societal interventions for an environmentally accountable society. This Master's programme covers the interplay between law and technology in Europe and teaches students about the legal challenges resulting from digitalisation. In de master Religie en samenleving bestudeer je de veranderende maatschappelijke rol van religie in West-Europa, altijd met aandacht voor het transnationale karakter van religies. The university offers 12 English-taught Bachelor's programmes and 90+ English-taught Master's programmes. Social policy and interventions in the domain of health and wellbeing from an interdisciplinary perspective. Social and Health Psychology In English. Double Degree Option - University of Utrecht. This Master’s programme in Game and Media Technology provides you with both fundamental and applied knowledge of the techniques for handling spatial data. Leer hoe je jongeren enthousiasmeert voor de Duitse taal en cultuur. Our Master’s programme in Climate Physics offers you a unique combination of theoretical courses and practical training in all aspects of the Earth’s climate. The MA in Global Criminology is a one-year Master’s programme that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding required to work with local and global crime issues, crime policies and … Degree: Communicatie- & Informatiewetenschappen (60833). You will find possible solutions for contemporary and upcoming (economic) challenges of cities. In this two-year Master’s programme, you will gain in-depth knowledge on, and experimental experience with, novel nanomaterials and their synthesis, structure, and applications. Innovation Sciences is the study of how new technologies are transformed into marketable innovations, explaining how innovation and innovation systems work. Utrecht University Masters Programs. Bachelor and Master programmes Search our programmes. In this one-year programme, you will learn how to contribute to an efficient and effective international industry, with special attention to international financial markets, institutions and regulation. Biofabrication is an international multidisciplinary research-driven Master’s programme. Find out more . Ries Agterberg. Country.
    , International Relations in Historical Perspective, Kunstgeschiedenis: educatie en communicatie, Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences, Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism, Nederlandse taal en cultuur: educatie en communicatie, Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science, Social, Health and Organisational Psychology, Spaanse taal en cultuur: educatie en communicatie. Master's Degree International History with Distinction. We willen je opleiden tot reflective practitioner. The university is located in the city of Utrecht, one of the most beautiful and safest cities in Northern Europe. Ook in andere educatieve functies kom je tot je recht. The international Master's programme in European Law provides a thorough and highly-individualised training that prepares for a legal career in multinational environment.

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