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As every business that scales to such levels, in order to keep growing globally also Airbnb needs to maintain the costs of its customer support operations under control. I finally called Airbnb and requested that my account be deleted. 2 men, the host and homeowner arrived within minutes and things quickly spiraled. 3 bedrooms, House This just happened to me too! Yes, Airbnb has been hell since I’ve started using them regularly. 2 guests This should be a no-brainer being that the host agreed to approve a full refund. ‘Reviews that do not represent the author’s personal experience or that of their travel companions’, This guest did not stay at my home and therefore could not know whether my home was clean, whether my home accurately represented what was advertised, what I was like as a host or any of the other aspects you ask them to review. We were told in writing by the owner and promised a refund (Full and Unconditional) due to the health hazard property. I’m supposed to pay nearly $300 less than the first month and over $200 less than this current month in a few weeks for the month of March. Tweets sometimes work. Don’t no where to go for help? its really very worst . @nicholas, i am getting scammed by the same person you mentioned. Our 24 hr. 4.Also when I told Air b&b service, I always got the answer it’s policy. This is absolutely absurd. Only to be told that she does not reside there and is overseas. Airbnb couldn’t care less and does nothing but collect money. What that boils down to is a lien placed against the homeowner’s condo. I have called them every day and asked for a refund but it has been such a hassle.They said they have had an escalated amount of requests coming in and I told them I don’t want excuses. Only last message displyed was wait for confirmation which will be informed after 24 hours. Here are the best ways to reach Airbnb to get help and resolve your problems! I have 22 places and someone was able to answer that question for me. I provided all the screenshots, documentsetc. My family lost my father and we were renting the place so my daughters, grand baby had a place to stay. Twice now, Honolulu and Aruba, the hosts locator address shows their location in a prime spot but their actual address which you get after you pay is at least a kilometer or several away. I wanted to let them know fraud is being committed and to maybe get someone looking into the booking to stop it- but, alas there is no way to get in touch with this organization. Call Airbnb, ask them to change your password (the temporary password is sent through email). we are really unsatisfied with this . Beskyttelse af dine oplysninger. The refused to reissue the coupon because I accidentally booked a trip in croatia- the host responded and refunded me faster than they did! Her room looked like any teenagers room with no luggage and they spoke as if she had been there for awhile. In your situation I would be more inclined to warn future hosts of this guests behaviour rather than allowing her to judge one of your very hard working super hosts in this manner and, who knows, may well do the same to others in the future. how to change email? Airbnb rebilled me $250 after working for weeks to get even a partial refund , working with my credit card company to do so. Thats more or less 150 US dollars. and as a traveler I don’t have phone credit to call the international cuatomer service since it is not free!! Hello, I am an Airbnb host with over 13 listings and sometimes guest break rules, like bring pets, extra guests when they are not permitted, wash their babies feces in the sink and clog the pipe system or smoke inside the house when it’s absolutely not okay. Dieses erreichen Sie unter folgender Nummer: +49 (0)30 - 30 80 83 80. Me and my family couldn’t fit there it was very small.the minute I arrived ve I contacted Airbnb it was late so they told me my case was already checked but it was very late that I should call first hour in the morning an that’s what I did. I asked how long that takes, they said 15 days. AirBNB didn’t seem to care at all. The greedy hostess left a very bad taste in our mouth to ever use Airbnb again. Both are in July, but for different weekends. What kills me is the only reason I am in this situation is that I chose to trust in the integrity and decency of the host, when I should have known better. Airbnb gave a $1,000 credit to a bride-to-be guest after a host canceled her reservation on the eve of her wedding, which had been booked for her bridesmaids. They need to Verify everything before posting on their site! Contacting the press definitely gets their attention. What is the name of the person you contacted that finally resolved your problem? T he recent string of big Airbnb news stories regarding shootings, injuries, murders, sexual assault, discrimination, and other woeful goings-on seems to indicate a company scrambling to keep up with its own growth, and one of the many results of that is a poor support system for its customers. So disgusting it would take a day to list the condition of the premises. She was very young. All because Airbnb. In dringenden Fällen erreichen Sie den … Hotline Airbnb – so erreicht ihr den Kundenservice. Also, there is no record of our “trip” and we cannot post a review online to warn others. Airbnb has all the necessary information on me: Name, address, sex, birth date, phone number, e-mail address, credit card, past hosts’ reviews and profile picture. The help person said, no there was no bug. the next day after arrival, I had to sit around in the lobby from 4 to 7pm waiting for UPS to show, unload their truck and then find my package so I could finally get my key. This airbnb is very hell, host can juat be irresponsible and they will still get away with the money!! Bleeding and vomiting. I would happily join. They never helped and they never contacted us. 3. I paid the first half of the room which was 385$. Many people are questioning Airbnb practices and tuning away from Airbnb. Coincidentally, my refund for the canceled trip was the same as the new booking in Indonesia. If I found something wrong from host, I think it’s possible to talk; 3.If I paid, I need the authority of commenting the host. We had a similar issue with bugs. In addition, we had 2 separate sets of flights cancelled. Call again and demand a supervisor call he tried telling me the same as before but I said I am not hanging up so keep trying. Nous utilisons des cookies et d'autres technologies similaires afin de personnaliser notre contenu, mesurer l'efficacité de nos publicités et améliorer leur pertinence, ainsi que proposer une meilleure expérience. Hackers booked an $800 stay on our account and charged our CC. 2 weeks prior to the trip, Malta lost its Green status and the Irish Government’s advice was “Essential Travel Only”. I have sent a very nasty email. We just want our money and get out of Airbnb. They are ignoring me. In all my experience online, never have I ever seen a product, establishment, or service rated a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Your account suddenly canceled. We feel scammed and do not believe this host has our best interests at heart. VTRIPs refunded our money but we have had no response from Airbnb for the more than $2000.00 they owe us. Their photo uploading system is a joke – I cannot book as their IT does not work. Airbnb have been made aware of this and they don’t care at all. Why does this happen? Upon payment we once again noticed that it still said 9 instead of the 25 we discussed so once again we asked Michael why it didn’t say 25. Customer Support Helpline: US helpline: 1-855-424-7262 or 1-415-800-5959. We are out close to $2000 and can’t cancel even though we are giving 2 months notice of cancellation. I booked a flat for my trip late January for July and i got the confirmation that there are 1 shower, 1bath and seperate toilets from the host before my booking in paris. I suggested that the webpage had a bug in that the popup did not list another option for verifying myself. I was using Airbnb because I couldnt afford a hotel. This request is in violation of Airbnb policy, is unethical and fraudulent, and has financial impacts and hardship since Sextant Stay refuses to process the cancellation and returning my money. I also contacted airbnb and they told me that they already talked to the host directly and promised to give my money back. Wow this is so ridiculous, this just happened to me on Friday May 17th, There had to be a glitch in the system. More BS? 888 Brannan St.Floor 4San Francisco, CA 94103. No! Now Airbnb won’t cancel the booking when CLEARLY I didn’t want the booking, why would I book two places for the same weekend in different cities? After that, I searched for the location again, “Cozy Cottage” Walker, Louisiana. She asked for a refund and I stated that at such short notice I could not offer a refund. I own a condo that is in connected building with other condos. Online there are numerous articles on Airbnb infringement and over collection of customers personal information. -no bath towel, not a single one. THE WORST EVER!!!! ∙ Been on the phone for 4 days in a row no one at AirB&B return calls when they promise to and the last one (Keira in the US office) dropped the line after leaving me waiting for 40 mins. Because it sounded so ridiculous on the website, I called the number provided above (1-855-424-7262). Taxes: Read about income tax, local tax, federal tax, and learn how taxes work on Airbnb. Getting Started: This category covers the basics to get started on Airbnb. No way to find out if I can rent a house anytime soon. I’ll never book through airbnb again. ∙ Wie setze ich mein Passwort zurück oder ändere es? One of the leading credit rating agencies, Experian, was hacked in 2015, causing the personal data of 15 million Americans to be exposed. As I had no communication with airbnb about the cancellation they did not even get in touch to ask what I felt about a refund or to find out my side of the story. I am currently terrified and disappointed on the first day of my stay here. I am actually really disappointed with airbnb about this whole saga and would like this to be put forwards as a formal complaint. I am having a terrible experience with the room I have checked in today in Dubai at horizon tower, hosted by Hana. I want my money back for this night from hell. What the hell kind of cult is this!? You will need to enter your Airbnb verified phone number in order to proceed with the customer service options related to your account. Let’s just say the house was awful. I checked AirBNB policy and it states that the host must cancellation the reservation since it was the cancellation was due to the host and not the guest. Really? And They blocked my number to call to the customer service! They won’t delete my account either so if I want an airbnb account I’ll have to set up an email account just for airbnb. Finally, I got to talk to someone and she was unable to provide any assistance. I’m hoping Mastercard will refund the $800, but I would really like to get into my AirBNB account so I can cancel it. I don’t really want to leave and have to start a new stay at another property at this point as my 3rd month is the payoff month in regards to being the cheapest of the 3 months. Sincerely an angered customer. My lawyer will be contacting them. You actually get to speak with a HUMAN BEING,when you have a problem!!!! Never expected this kind of hospitality and response from a host and Airbnb. I would like to talk to a real person that can do something. Really? I couldn’t believe it. This guy at Airbnb told me, that they had an error at Airbnb platform and can’t make the cancellation now, but asked me to NOT do it by Myself that waiti need it to wait and in a couple of hours someone will send me my cancellation and the aragenment by mail. In this community, any lease must be filed with the HOA. I ask the manager if this establishment was safe and he became very aggressive, argumentative and told me to google the place…I asked him what the establishment was called and he told me. Not a thing. I am truly upset about this, and would like to request that Airbnb destroy ALL my particulars immediately, especially my credit card details. AC doesn’t chill, the thermostat for the AC is in other room, which is occupied by a different guest and he/she has locked the room. Your process of verification is unreasonable. I used to love, the website that offers me access to nice accommodations for my summer travel. I thought it would be no problem since my reservation was close to 2 months away. Filthiest floor, mold in the vent, hair in the drains and sink, broken toilet, no amenities, no cleaning supplies, and more. All of the people who have posted to this site seem to have very valid complaints and concerns; however they are all from the perspective of a host or a guest. I think Trump wrote their Rule Book.I hope this company goes down too!!! Thank you! Joining AirBnB was one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in a long long time. I utilize about 15 other websites for my property and i dont have one ounce of bullshit from any of them. Here’s our story on the AirBNB site. I had never witnessed human trafficking personally, but my instinct as a mother tells me she was most likely a victim of it. I was not able to secure different accommodations until almost midnight. Traveling: This category provides information on finding and booking a place to stay on Airbnb. He could have went to hospital! This is what they advertise on AirBNB, and it is nothing close to the picture. First I wanna ask, how is it possible to take money from my account after they have givee back already all the amount? I deliberately did not leave a review for my guests as they had not actually stayed with me and I did not want to leave a review that did not accurately represent my personal experience. The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262 (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes). Check the details as displayed on airbnb 2. My daughter phoned me immediately once they had locked themselves in the room and spoke of being scared and very apprehensive. We stayed in a lovely condo with great host in March 2018, and enjoyed it so much we booked again for 2 weeks starting 06th April 2019. – barely functioning AC – a perpetual wet spot on the floor (seepage from underneath), that I almost slipped and broke my neck on the first night when I didn’t see it. You’d think there’d be some sort of info checking mechanism after 3 failed attempts to send the code out…. I also use Homestay. I just tried my first Airbnb request. I tried to book same property through my wife account we have received confirmation and verification of my account is not happeneing after 30 times uploading her passport photo. Regarding Airbnb at 647 Metzger Rd. In this blog post, we will answer all the email related questions for both hosts and guests. Yep, just happened to me too, booked a place in Bangkok, drained both my attached cards sending money to the host and shut my account down. Anitha, I was having the same problem … 3-4 text messages a day for the last 6 days w/ verification codes. I am really disappointed with Airbnb and am hoping that there will not be a greater danger to future young women who visit that establishment advertised on the Airbnb website. It’s been almost a month since that! I’ve been corresponding with them regarding two coupon codes (one of which was a reward for referrals). My question, is there anything I can do to be compensated for these issues? I also asked if others had had similar experiences, to which they replied there had been others, but the Airbnb software automatically cancels if the balance of payment is not made… Absolutely disgraceful sittuation in my opinion. I filled for a request of refund but haven’t got any feed from the host yet. Nicholas, i have just encountered this same airbnb host, getting scammed, please advise if you can on what to do. Keep calling and get annoying people! Brazil +55 21 3958-5800. Now airb&b has told us we can’t get any of our money back. They don’t respond and refuse to provide me the information showing that the gift card couldn’t be used when I loaded it onto my account. Something didn’t sit right with me about that. I called our credit card company and they gave us the number. After leaving and immediately reporting unsafe situation and discrimination to Airbnb, Airbnb failed to take action against the host, continues to let host operate and even allowed the host to leave false negative review for the guest (while listed Airbnb host was not the actual host who was on the property, real host does not even have photos in Airbnb). You need to feel shame and remorse for treating potential guests this way. Another number that works well in the USA for local callers is 1-415-800-5959Â, The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here:, 888 Brannan St. I need my refund as soon as possible or else i left with the only option that i will post this in Social media, you can take it as warning or a request as i know how much it takes to start a business i don’t like to get people in to hassle, ether i like myself to get hassle, so i am writing this if i am not getting my refund i must take this to social media, Thank You. This is happening to me as well. Same for me, May 24th. or provide me with closet space and hangers? I tried using internet explorer. I am so disappointed, as this was my first time using the app. Airbnb should have some quality standards and should partner with hosts who are responsible. Do you have a phone number I can use. Host seemed shocked Airbnb would not refund me. He did not reply till 5days before our reservation and now said you can only have 9….! Is your company going bankrupt? My history should have established me as a trustworthy customer. Hope I get some response from airbnb and they help me to make my place liveable. NEW YORK - Police in New York are looking for someone wanted for a rental scam involving an Airbnb apartment. Can someone please give me a number where I can speak with someone directly? The hostess drew a pitty bath about how much time this cost her and she could only re- book 6 of the 7 nights and so she felt she lost money . I’ve didn’t hours and hours trying to get this resolved. Immediately I open my email and see that my money has been refunded and will take up to 15 days to process. Never go Airbnb!! dont cheer up this kind of hotels . Un-*******-believable, Mark. The host was fine and refunded their charge but airbnb are ignoring my requests to return their service fee. Airbnb’s response was that they should do something about it. I am very frusterated … disappointed … and angry to think all my time and energy spent on the computer finding the “perfect places” to stay while visiting friends in AZ was not only a waste of time, but a fraud …. Imagine our disappointment to turn up and be advised the booking had been cancelled. There has been no permission requested and 5 advertised guests will be in breach of local licensing laws. Not like these who don’t even care to respond to you after you have checked in. Now on opening page of your site i do not see any login option. I’m from Philippines and just recently cancelled my bookings in HK due to political unrest. Your email address will not be published. Fortunately, my payment method on my account is PayPal and they are refunding the money. I own a propery and the tenant has installed internal doors with locks and split the 2 bed apartment into 3 seperate rooms all sharing one small toilet. Hope that will help you! We are assured that he had cameras and heard every word that we were saying. I had reserved an Airbnb for a night and it ended up being one of the most frightening and worst nights of my life. More BS? Over the past few years, Airbnb has grown and expanded at an extremely fast pace. The money isn’t even an issue now. What a garbage. A few days ago, i found out there is only 1 toilet without a sink! Finally spoke to case manager. Her cancellation policy says that it cannot be refunded. Nightmare stays. Host has also listed that room has TV but it doesn’t work, it’s just a dummy piece in the room. We made these arrangements TWO MONTHS ago. I've been left on hold for 45 minutes tonight.....! – a gut feeling that I was being illegally spied on, something kept telling me that I was under constant surveillance by a hidden camera. And what if the home they are renting have tons of issues and you have to pay for technician to fix it as the host is a scammer? How are you going to help me after they did nothing and left me stranded in a city and state I don’t know. Airbnb has been zero help. ∙ Of course, the Host made a complete U-Turn and has left me footing a 1500 euro bill for nothing! Account & Profile: Within this category, users can read about managing their Airbnb account and profile, from setting it up and making it secure, to receiving references. The most horrible company ever meet before. I am having the exact same issues and cannot get into my account much less get anyone on the phone to help with a refund that is owed and I cannot get anyone professional or competent on the phone and my bank is just waiting for an authorization letter faxed and I could use MY MONEY FOR A PLACE TO STAY FOR MYSELF AND MY CHILDREN!! Airbnb Empfehlungsprogramm – Geschäftsbedingungen. They tell me I am put on “priority” but it has been 4 days and have heard nothing. First, it made no sense to ask me to provide this information when I am already an established and repeat customer. I booked 31 March to travel to Cuba 18/9-15/10/2020 ..Host has strick policy…2 days ago airlines canceled flights to Cuba and is closed for comercial flights … Airbnb says according the policy …the recervations before 15 March until 15 Sep are eligible to refund…..what about us guys…?? If the email for brian the eco is valid that will be hopefully helpful as the ceo should know the company glitches. We have two fraudulent charges and we have no verified phone number and aren’t AirBNB customers. Since then i did not hear from airbnb. Answer is no, What was the outcome as I am in the same position now and am thinking about legal action, BEWARE Superhost Mark “Cozy Cottage” Walker, Louisiana. Airbnb is really frustrating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I want to do is notify AirBnB that this is an error but there’s no way to contact them. I rented a house from them in Palm Coast fl. We booked three months ago inc (flights, work days off, car rental). When this happens and you want to get the reservation anyway, you will want to switch your option from « entire place » to « room only » this will release the guest from being penalize. Airbnb is the WORST. I drove 2.5 hours there with 4 other people and here it is 3 days later and still no call back. Wie kann ich eine Zahlungsart bearbeiten, entfernen oder hinzufügen? I made a reservation in Galveston Texas 7/27-19and right when we were going to check in Airbnb called me and told my that they had to cancel the reservation but couldn’t give me any reason as to why, they told me that they’d be refunding my $384 and that they’d reimburse me up to $250 for a hotel room for the inconvenience, I have called them about 20 times about my refund but they keep giving me the runaround telling me that they’re marking my case urgent and that someone will contact me shortly which never happens, they finally send me an email saying they refunded $250 and consider the matter closed and also suspended my account , how the heck do you only refund $250 of a $384 reservation that they canceled and also refuse to pay the reimbursement for the hotel room the promised to reimburse? No reimbursement for the deep cleaning that I had to do (above and beyond what the normal cleaning fee is) because there was trash all over the floor, they spilled things all over the inside of the refrigerator and the toilet had urine all over the seat? At the time Malta was on the Green List and was deemed safe to travel. Send a message to your guest or host, or try calling them. The only time it would come into play is if and when the condo is up for sale. do not provide your government ID to companies online. In the past month we have had over 20 cancellations and for each one the guest got back 100% and I nothing. As far as I know she did this however airbnb did not cancel the booking (which is why she was still able to leave a review) so I had no way to open my booking for the following evening (perhaps you can explain why?). Si vous avez encore besoin d'aide, rendez vous sur notre page de contact pour obtenir une assistance par téléphone, e-mail ou chat. There was a suggestion to download it on the phone. They are not supposed to take the money out until after the stay, but as soon as she called it showed up as a charge on my card. Nora. And my wife and kid got sick. Airbnb retaliates if you report the danger and seeing them take no action (they send false email that they “took action”) press the issue and say you’d have to go public to stop the hazard – they ban you and cancel you otherr in-progress reservation and treat you like dirt in general. Fuck airbnb.  We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues. is dedicated to helping Hosts and Guests share their stories about the risks and dangers of using Airbnb. I am having the same trouble from India. I called them and messaged them many times, I get the same shit every time. They keep changing their policy and they recently changed it saying that they will not refund you if your state or country has travel restrictions placed because of COVID! Turn on JavaScript so our search engine can do its magic. Host not replaying or responding to our emails and calls. The host came out while the young girl was on the floor naked from waist to her knees and vomiting more. The once responsive superhosts were no longer responsive and Airbnb was a nightmare to deal with when you could get a hold of them which was nearly impossible as they kept giving us the run around. She kindly “offered’ alternative accommodation to stay in a mixed room?! Recently the internet service has improved however, from day 1 until now, the TV service has been very unreliable and not available at all many times. After the guest demanded to take action (and remove negative review) and said that otherwise guest would have to be going public, Airbnb quickly retaliated: banned the guest (interrupted guests’ reservation in-progress basically demanding to leave the property on minutes notice). Booked an airbnb in Fort Langley in April, 2020. Thanks, I have booked for poovar island resort yesterday. We have been sent from pillar to post, no results. I am host with Airbnb. This may have already been done as I had been told that it was being escalated (or words to that effect) and that you would no longer be involved in the case. Airbnb cops flak over service fee move that penalises cross-listing ... Read more at the SA government's online coronavirus portal or use the 24-hour public hotline: 0800 029 999 . I tried the number above and was on hold for 20 minutes before I gave up. It’s kind of scary. Airbnb hat ein Büro in Berlin, das für alle Notfälle und andere wichtige Anliegen in Deutschland kontaktiert werden kann. Maybe they should have better customer service or not such shitty security. The ignorent Airbnb rep will not know that and we answer everything else but what’s really going on. Your customer service did nothing for 4 hours after I drove into New York and my host cancelled my stay. I have tried for a week to get help, have removed the offending book and have gotten no where. Mind you is Covid19 and housekeeping should have cleaned before I got there. We are 67 and 77 years old and were worried about booking so far in advance, but were told we could cancel and get our money back as long as it was two weeks before our visit. I go to the app to see what’s going on, thinking that the host surely left a direct message explaining why our stay was cancelled two weeks before our vacation. That same ****ing day, mid-conversation with my girlfriend about the trip, I get an automated message from Airbnb that our reservations were cancelled.

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